What are the Causes of Male Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is one of the serious issues that need to provide more concern to avoid or cure since it is affecting human sexual life. This issue is related to the male and if we look up the male erectile function is a bit complex. It means that involves many organ and psychological processes. Brain, Muscles, hormones, blood vessels, and also emotions are those which cause the function. When males encounter the problem with these then they may get an issue called erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile when they get more stress and if they have any mental related illness then this issue will become intense. As already mentioned that erectile dysfunction is a complex one where the combination of mental and physical health will lead to this issue. When a male has small physical issues than may lose his confidence hence dysfunction is the result. Anxiety is the mental condition that will arise in this situation and hence may not maintain the erection properly. If more anxiety then the condition will become worse.

Timeless Age Medical

If the person is concerned about the physical conditions then what are all the physical conditions that may cause for erectile dysfunction? The condition called metabolic syndrome is one of the major physical conditions involved in erectile dysfunction. In these conditions, the person has high blood pressure, more fat, high insulin levels, and also high cholesterol. Beyond this heart disease, obesity, atherosclerosis, tobacco use, and also sleeping disorders may cause erectile dysfunction.

Many treatments are available for this and if we look up the affection list there are nearly eighty percent of American people have this issue. Drugs and injections can be used to cure this but there is one more by the timeless age medical – ED treatment which is called linear shock wave therapy. By applying the low-intensity sound waves the issues will be getting shorted out.